Premium Business Opportunity Seeker Leads
You will receive 1,000 Premium Business Opportunity Leads, unique to you, with full-contact information - name, address, city, state, zip, email, ip and the date they opted in. These leads are can-spam compliant and are the same leads we offer on for $49 with the exception we have not 'scrubbed' the leads for deliverability.
Most commercial autoresponders like Aweber, Getresponse and Active Campaign do not allow the import of 3rd party leads, and if you do import 3rd leads you risk getting your account flagged or even terminated BECAUSE these leads have not been scrubbed for deliverability, potential spam traps and habitual complainers. 
One powerful way to use these leads is to email your email offers through gmail.  It's a manual process, but it's fast... safe... and free.
Free gmail accounts are limited to sending a maximum of 300 emails per day so keep your efforts below that threshold.

Step 1 - Compose a New Message
Step 2 - Address it to one of your email addresses
Step 3 - Copy 35 lead emails and paste them in the BCC field
Step 4 - Send your offer
Step 5 - Repeat up to 6 times per day (215 emails)

SMS Business Opportunity Mobile Leads
You will receive 1,000 SMS Business Opportunity Mobile Leads, unique to you, with name, city, phone and the date they opted in.
The only way to effectively use mobile leads is to upload the leads into a SMS broadcasting service like and TEXT one or more messages to each lead.
You can get started with slytext for as little as $50 to send 3,000 messages (send 3 messages to each of the 1,000 contacts or also upload the Premium Business Opportunity Seeker Email Leads w/phone numbers to get your offer front of even MORE people).
You CAN upload these leads into the Text-ALN system but the first text will cost 2 credits which makes slytext much less expensive to use for simple broadcasting.

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