Who Else Wants to Build a Profitable Email List on Complete Autopilot, Generate Red Hot Leads for Pennies, Dramatically Increase Sales and Instantly Empower Your Team with the Same Super-Secret Advantage?

This email list building campaign is generating a 21.24% UNIQUE OPEN rate after running a short 7 day email follow up series for 20 days. This means for every 1,000 Premium Leads we drip into this follow up series, we can expect to add 212 new Hot Prospects to our list - people who have opened and engaged with our emails!

Even better... this campaign has already generated SALES & PAID SIGN UPS for two of the programs we are promoting in the follow up series and the results are being produced 100% on complete autopilot.

  • At 10 cents per record, the campaign is producing ACTIVE LEADS for only $0.47 each.
  • At 7.5 cents per record, this works out to an ACTIVE LEAD cost of only $0.35 each.
  • At 3 cents per record... we're looking at only $0.14 per lead!

So how much is an ACTIVE LEAD worth to you and your business?

Obviously that depends, but the accepted industry average is each ACTIVE PERSON on your list should pull in $1 per month in affiliate commissions... or more! This means we are looking at investing $30 for every 1,000 Premium Leads to add 212 (or more!) active prospects ($212 PER MONTH VALUE) to our list.

And that is a HUGE return on investment no matter how you slice it!

  • Results After 7 Days: 15.44% Unique Opens ($0.03 x 1,000 = $30/154 = $0.19)

  • Results After 10 Days: 19.82% Unique Opens ($0.03 x 1,000 = $30/198 = $0.15)

  • Results After 20 Days: 21.24% Unique Opens ($0.03 x 1,000 = $30/212 = $0.14)

Click the Pic to Enlarge

Click the Pic to Enlarge

Creating an Automatic Email List Building Campaign

GetResponse is my #1 choice for created AUTOMATED cash flow campaigns. You need the $49 Plus Package (or higher) which comes with contact scoring, tagging and an automation workflow builder - all of which are required if you want to build a completely automated cash flow email marketing campaign.

It's a simple 4-step process:

  1. Create TWO lists - a MASTER list and an ENGAGEMENT list
  2. Create a series of autoresponder messages tied to the ENGAGEMENT list
  3. Create a workflow to move OPENS to your master list and DELETE those who don't engage
  4. Buy Leads to drip into your autoresponder

Here are the SUBJECT LINES we are using to get a 21.24% open rate and feel free to click each subject line to review the email copy we are using to produce sales and sign ups.

You can DOWNLOAD my Getresponse Workflow Template here.

Sample Engagement Email Swipes