Who Else Wants to Generate Red Hot Leads for 35 Cents and Build Your Email List on Complete 100% Autopilot?

Just Set It and Forget It!

This email list building campaign is generating a 22.93% UNIQUE OPEN rate after running a short 7 day series for 16 days. This means for every 1,000 Premium Leads we drip into this follow up series, we will add 229 new active leads to our list. At $0.08 per lead, this works out to an ACTIVE LEAD COST of only $0.35 cents!

Using the industry average of earning $1 per month for every ACTIVE LEAD on your list - at a 22.93% open rate we are looking at investing $80 for 1,000 leads to add 229 active prospects ($229 PER MONTH VALUE) to our list. That's HUGE! Now imagine, over time, tweaking the subject lines and email series to produce a 25-30% open rate! Gotta love it.

Notes: We are now running Engagement #2 as the first message because it is getting the highest opens. We added Engagement #7 and tweaked the headline on Engagement #3 on 04/03/21. We will now let 1,000 Premium Leads run through the entire campaign, engage or drop off and then we'll update the results here.

Results After 7 Days:

15.44% Unique Opens ($0.08 x 1,000 = $80/154 = $0.52)

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Results After 10 Days:

19.82% Unique Opens ($0.08 x 1,000 = $80/198 = $0.40)

Improve Email Conversions
Improve Email Conversions

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Results After 16 Days:

22.93% Unique Opens ($0.08 x 1,000 = $80/229 = $0.35)

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Click the Pic to Enlarge

Creating an Automatic Email List Building Campaign

GetResponse is my #1 choice for created AUTOMATED cash flow campaigns. You need the $49 Plus Package (or higher) which comes with contact scoring, tagging and an automation workflow builder - all of which are required if you want to build a completely automated cash flow email marketing campaign.

It's a simple 4-step process:

  1. Create TWO lists - a MASTER list and an ENGAGEMENT list
  2. Create a series of autoresponder messages tied to the ENGAGEMENT list
  3. Create a workflow to move OPENS to your master list and DELETE those who don't enage
  4. Buy Leads to drip into your autoresponder

Here's a short 7 day ENGAGEMENT SERIES we are currently using to get a 22.93% open rate - which means if we paying EIGHT CENTS per record, at a 22.93% open rate we are producing ENGAGED LEADS for LESS THAN $0.35 cents each! You can DOWNLOAD my Getresponse Workflow Template here.

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