Ultimate Success Club

Exclusive Text ALN Team Bonus

Complete this Short Form to Claim Your 1,000 Premium Business Opportunity Leads and SMS Phone Leads
To qualify for our USC Team Exclusive bonus leads YOU must be active at the Text-ALN $109 level and YOUR SPONSOR must be active in our team 3 X 10 matrix at the $109 level.
If we cannot find you or your sponsor as active members on our levels 1- 10 you do not qualify to receive this TEAM EXCLUSIVE bonus.
We deliver BONUS LEADS to qualified members only ONE time so do not submit the form multiple times hoping to get additional free leads because it's not going to happen and we do keep track.
If qualified, all bonus leads will be delivered in 24-48 hours (exclusive of holidays and weekends) to the email address you provide here as two file attachments with the subject line: 'Download Your Bonus Leads'

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