Welcome to Home Business Academy as a Premium Member! Here's How to Claim Your 1,000 Free Monthly Leads

Step 1 - Sign Up for Affiliate Program

Click here and Sign Up for the Free Heavy Hitter Leads Affiliate Program (even if you do not intend to promote our leads) because this will provide us with the contact information we need to set you up later to receive leads.

You will also be upgraded to earn 40% VIP commissions on all our 1,000 lead packages (including the $970 annual package which pays $388!), 20% level two commissions for all lead packages and 20% commissions for all other lead pages for as long as you remain active at the HBA Premium/Academy level.

Step 2 - Sign Up for Compatible Autoresponder

Our email lead delivery system works with Active Campaign, Adopia, Campaign Refinery, Constant Contact, ConvertKit, Drip, Emercury, GetResponse, Imnica Mail, ListFlex, MailerLite, MailWizz, Market Hero, Maropost, Ontraport, Send Eagle, Sendlane, and SendShark. We do not integrate with Aweber or any other autoresponder not on this list.

GetResponse is our #1 choice for created AUTOMATED cash flow campaigns. You need the $49 Plus Package (or higher) which comes with contact scoring, tagging and an automation workflow builder - all of which are required if you want to build a completely automated cash flow email marketing campaign. Active Campaign is our 2nd choice.

We DO NOT recommend SendShark because it does not deliver well and there is no way to segment your list to remove the people who do not engage with your emails. If you are currently using Sendshark, STOP! Seriously. You are wasting your money.

Step 3 - Set Up Autoresponder List & Follow Up Emails

To receive leads you must 1) remain active at HBA PREMIUM level, 2) have a compatible autoresponder, 3) set up with at least one list and 4) a series of follow messages you will be sending to that list. Once you have all of that set up...

CLICK HERE to submit the information we need to send you leads.

Example Automated Campaign to Promote HBA

This cash flow campaign consist of 3 lists, a series of 10 engagement emails, a series of four promotional follow up emails and a simple Getresponse workflow to automatically tag and segment and follow up with prospects that open any of the 10 engagement emails and delete the contact records of prospects who do not open any engagement email after a 11 day period.

  • List 1 = 10 Day Engagement Series (purpose is to get opened)
  • List 2 = 4 Day Promotional Series (purpose is to sell the HBA and the Freedom Launchpad)
  • List 3 = Main List / Master List / Broadcast List / Engaged List (purpose is to profit forever!)

10 Day Engagement Series

  1. Thank you, [[firstname]]. Here is Your Course Access...
  2. $8k in 30 Days. Can that REALLY happen?!
  4. Your 30MWD book access, [[firstname]]
  5. Ready for Massive Success in [[geo city]]?
  6. Would an extra $300 help [[firstname]]
  7. Copy/Paste/Click Your Way to $100 a Day...
  8. Your RECEIPT & DOWNLOAD ACCESS [[firstname]]
  9. Hey [[firstname]] it's Rob
  10. [[firstname]] - Welcome!

4 Day Promotional Follow Up Series

  1. Awesome! Here is Your Escape Plan...
  2. STEP 1 - Realize you have been lied to...
  3. Can I ask 2 questions? One is silly...
  4. {Step #3}: you’ll wanna pay me for this

Getresponse Workflow Template