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No Traffic. No Leads. No Sales.

MOST people who try to make money online never do.

MOST affiliate marketers never earn an affiliate commission, and MOST networker marketers never sign up a single rep.

But it is not their fault.

Or your fault.

It's nobody's fault, really.

Because most people simply DO NOT KNOW HOW to build a profitable business online.

That's the bottom line.

MOST people simply DO NOT KNOW HOW to:

1) Generate

2) Scale and

3) Convert quality traffic to produce a consistent profit.

So what do WE do as responsible leaders?

We teach, we train, we encourage people to find the way that makes the most sense for them based on the time, talent, budget and skill set they bring to the table.

Which is all good, but MOST still get lost in the process.

So then we might encourage our team to run ads on Facebook, try per-per-click search marketing or go spend their hard-earned money on soloads... and while all of that works for some...

MOST still fall by the wayside because they either pay too much... get scammed... or they blow their entire marketing budget in one shot before testing, tweaking and finding the right offer that works.

It's unfortunate, and I've seen it happen again and again and again.

So what can we do as responsible marketers?

"HOW can we honestly stack the odds of success in our clients favor - regardless of what they promote and regardless of the time, talent or skill set they may or may not bring to the table?"

It's a question that has bugged me for years.

And then it hit me...


Targeted Email Marketing

One of the fastest, easiest, most fail-proof ways to take your business, income and lifestyle to the next level is to...

PURCHASE a list of people 'mostly likely' to have in interest in what you are promoting and send a half dozen emails out over the next week to let them know what you have available.

That's it!

That's all you, your friends, family, business partners, team mates, customers and referrals really have to do to start building a profitable business and start making the incredible happen fast.

Buy Leads

 Send Emails

Keep the Studs

 Remove the Duds

Rinse & Repeat

Of course most of these people will never see or respond to any of the emails you send out and that's okay because 5, 10 even 15% or more of these HOT PROSPECTS will open and click on your emails and... BAM!

Just like that you are in business!

 Buy Leads

 Send Emails

 Keep the Studs

 Remove the Duds

 Rinse & Repeat

Sounds simple enough, right?

Because it is!

You only have to master one thing... the art and science of writing a few simple emails and that's it. Master email marketing and it's GAME OVER. You win!


This proven model does come with a few challenges...

#1 Getting High Quality Leads

#2 Finding a Way to Effectively Email the Leads

Real Time Leads are too expensive. Most lead brokers charge $3 to $4 per lead (or more!) with limited exclusivity. Real time leads are best suited for telephone marketing. Most commercial autoresponders DO NOT allow you to import 3rd party real time leads so emailing them can be a challenge.

Fresh Phone Surveyed Leads cost $2 or more (with limited exclusivity) and aged telephone interviewed leads can still cost $0.75 or more with ZERO exclusivity. Most commercial autoresponders DO NOT allow you to import telephone surveyed leads.

Phone Interviewed Leads
Age Business Opportunity Seeker Leads

30-90 Day Old Business Opportunity SEEKER Leads can still cost upwards of $0.30 each (or more!) even though they have been sold multiple times by multiple brokers. Most commercial autoresponders DO NOT allow you to import aged biz opp leads.

We solve ALL of these challenges by:

#1 Providing Only Premium, EXCLUSIVE Opportunity Leads

#2 We Deliver Leads Directly Into Your Referral's Autoresponder

OUr solution

Exclusive Business Opportunity Leads

Available for Immediate Download or Delivered Directly Into Your Customer's Autoresponder

Get INCREDIBLE Leads, Cheap!

Our Premium Heavy Hitter Leads are generated live 24 hours a day by one of the most prolific business opportunity lead generation companies online.

We buy MILLIONS (delivered at the rate of 500,000 leads per week) to lock in the absolute lowest price possible and we share these savings with you. Plus we only sell these records once!

So hurry to pick up the best leads in the business at the best price possible because we only have a limited number of leads available at any one time and once they're gone... they're gone!

We Protect Your Sending Reputation

We source this dataset at 24hrs & use EmailListVerify to scrub, validate and verify each email record.

We check the domain, validate the smtp, remove catchall emails, eliminate spam traps, fix syntax errors, remove all duplicates and delete both & hard bounces to make sure you get great delivery.

THEN, right before we deliver the leads into your autoresponder, we scrub the email list one more time AND check the phone numbers against a gigantic database of known TCPA litigators & habitual filers.

Unheard of Advantage!

The source vendor initially sells the leads twice: once at 24 hours and once again at 7-10 days old. They are not sold again until they are 30 days old. At 30 days, the same list may be sold multiple times.

Every week we buy hundreds of thousands 1st position leads to secure a HUGE VOLUME DISCOUNT (and share these savings with you!) and to also give you plenty of time to mail your leads with extremely very limited competition before they may get sold multiple times by the source vendor after 30 days.

You get 1st position EXCLUSIVE LEADS for pennies!


Since 1996 Rob Fore (the Heavy Hitter) has made millions of dollars working part-time in his spare time online. Rob specializes in blogging, video marketing and automated email marketing to create multiple streams of income and wealth on the fast track while enjoying the journey. Now it's your turn...

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David & Dana



With this service we have done exactly what the name suggests. 'Set it & Forget it'. We looked just today and were thrilled to discover we are now the #1 Google search listing for one of our keywords and on page 1 for a couple of others! 

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New Zealand, BioHacker

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I have spent $30,000 trying to put the pieces together and here you are giving away a proven business blueprint that works for free! I am in your debt and I am forever grateful.

Craig S. Palmer

Craig S. Palmer

Trader, Entrepreneur

Rob, You Are a God Send...

I just needed to take a moment to personally thank you. Your teaching is impeccable. I have been involved in this industry since 2002 and was on the verge of giving up on the industry after no success but, my heart would not allow me to. Rob, you are a GOD SEND. I look forward in personally shaking your hand.

Ray Higdon


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The difference between Rob Fore and all those other 'gurus' is Rob actually tests... and keeps up-to-date on what is actually working right now, not what worked 6 months ago. Anything by Rob Fore has my stamp of approval and should be part of your arsenal if you are serious amount getting massive traffic. I have boosted my traffic my over 40,000 per month, every month since learning some of Rob's secrets. You Rock, Rob.

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Diane Kennedy, CPA


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Jill Prosser

Jill Prosser

Animal Rescuer

My Angel and Hero!

I must admit I didn't know of you before... but now I consider you my angel and hero! I feel as though the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders - seriously. You've removed my biggest obstacle.